SonoNet - offers professional mobile ultrasound and echocardiology services to primary care in physicians offices.

SonoNet's team of highly qualified and experienced sonographers is supported by the latest digital equipment and physicians specializing in ultrasound procedures. SonoNet delivers the state-of-the-art sonography services directly to your offices - and to your patients - with highest quality and convenience and lowest cost.

The American Heart Association estimates that over 80 million people in the United States have some form of cardiovascular disease, and it claims the lives of almost 1-million per year.
Comprehensive Sonography

As healthcare is continues to change, expenses rise and reimbursements continue to decline, physicians must either decrease expenses or increase revenue to combat this change. Increasing revenue quickly is not always an easy task. Packing more patients into the schedule provides an increase but it decreases time with the patient and inevitably quality of care.

SonoNet actually gives physicians to increase the overall quality of care they provide to their patients. A partnership with SonoNet allows a physician the ability to provide cardiovascular ultrasound imaging in their office as a tool to provide better care for their patients. Allowing a physician to examine more patients per day and to provide better and more complete care without the risk of decreased quality.

Quality of Care - Partership Benefit
SonoNet has Multiple Practice Models

Lease Program

Traditional Service

In-House Program

Retail Wellness Screenings

Retail CIMT Screenings

Talk to a Salesperson and see which options would be best for your practice
SonoNet bills Payors and Patients
Client bills payors for the technical component and pays a monthly flat fee to SonoNet
Send your patients to our facility for testing
We can assist you in designing the program and the fees to charge
We can assist you in designing the program and the fees to charge
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