Service With Greater Control Over Patient Care
About SonoNet

In Today's Fast-Paced Medical Environment - overall quality of service to patients is critical. SonoNet offers professional mobile ultrasound and echocardiology services to physician offices.SonoNet was founded in 2002 by a group of medical professionals that believed that making the difference in patient care was paramount.

To SonoNet, effective Patient Care means:

SonoNet's team of highly qualified and experienced sonographers and cardiologists are supported by the latest digital equipment specializing in ultrasound procedures and diagnostic interpretation.

Many practices have discovered mobile ultrasound - and have learned how a partnership with SonoNet is a complete and cost-effective strategy that offers the best possible balance of service and control over patient care. SonoNet services allows physician offices the greatest possible management control with minimal disruption. Combining SonoNet's personnel, technology, and clinical expertise with your resource staff and facility adds directly to your bottom line.

SonoNet services are performed physicians offices, and scheduled by their staff. Eliminating the need to call for outside scheduling or having to have the patient travel to another facility.

Patients are greeted by familiar staff in a comfortable environment. Post-exam studies are transmitted back to SonoNet via our high speed network. A SonoNet cardiologist interprets patient results and returns the final report within 48 hours.

SonoNet Provides

In-Office Scheduling
No more waiting 2-4 weeks for appointments and results
Minimal disruption to your office. SonoNet personnel are quuickly in and out - - and Require No Special Equipment
Rapid turnaround. SonoNet returns results to your office within 48 hours