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Welcome to SonoNet's worldwide employee network, it is our goal to provide the structure and functionality to deliver the right medical knowledge anywhere anytime.

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Online Forms - Here you will find the most current requisition, offline scheduling, HIPPA, confidentially and many other forms. All the forms that you need in one place.

Reference Charts - SonoNet has collected and developed reference charts to assist you in caring for your patients.
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Our team of medical imaging specialists that who devote themselves to bringing the best evidence based medicine to our patients and provide the best cardiovascular care.
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Coming Soon - Our team of ultrasound specialists that that devote themselves everyday to our patients and providing the best imaging in cardiovascular care.
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Dr Mancina Recommended Reading List for Sonographers:

What is Congestive Heart Failure? American Heart Association

What is Endocarditis? American Heart Association

Heart Disease and Stroke? American Heart Association

View Our Current ICAEL Accreditation Letter:As a SonoNet Client your practice automatically becomes accredited as a mobile site through our accreditation process. In the future all payers will require offices performing services to be accredited.

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