Ultrasound Services
SonoNet can develop a customized program that keeps your patients in your office and offers you better control over patient treatment plans. Services we perform:
Ultrasound Services
Cardiac Ultrasound
Carotid Ultrasound with Doppler
Lower Extremity Venous Imaging
Upper Extremity Imaging
Lower Extremity Arterial Imaging
Wellness Ultrasound
Our Team of Physicians
SonoNet has a team of medical imaging specialists who devote themselves to bringing the best evidence based medicine to patients. through physicians like you.
SonoNet Physicians
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Their goal is to help you separate wellness from disease enabling you to treat diseased hearts with the best cardiovascular care.
Featured Articles - Featured articles that pertain to cardiovascular diseases and treatment.
Ankle-Brachial Index - (ABI) result is used to predict the severity of peripheral arterial disease (PAD).
Intima-Medial Thickness -(IMT), also called intimal medial thickness, is a measurement of the thickness of artery walls to track the progression of atherosclerotic disease.
Framingham Risk - Framingham coronary prediction algorithm provides estimates of total CHD risk.
Information for Physicians
Welcome to SonoNet's resource page for physicians. At SonoNet, we support physicians’ commitment to providing the best possible care for their patients. From this page, physicians can access information to help them meet today’s health care challenges.
The American Heart Association estimates that over 80 million people in the United States have some form of cardiovascular disease, and it claims the lives of almost 1-million per year.
A physician’s role in the prevention and maintenance of patients with CVD is crucial, and with SonoNet’s Mobile Ultrasound Program, we assist primary care physicians across the country with analysis and implementation of mobile echocardiography imaging for their patients.
SonoNet Report Examples - Custom reports designed for their specific dignostic capacity to provide exam detail and clinical results

SonoNet is an Accredited IAC Facility

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View Our Current ICAEL Accreditation Letter:As a SonoNet Client your practice automatically becomes accredited as a mobile site through our accreditation process. In the future all payers will require offices performing services to be accredited.