What can I expect during the upper extremity arterial duplex?

A clear gel will be placed on your arms, and the technologist will scan your arteries with a transducer (a microphone-like device) that will show pictures of the arteries and listen to the blood flow within.

Upper Extremity Arterial / Venous Exams
What is an Upper Extremity Arterial / Venous Duplex?

Ultrasound is used to examine arterial or venous images of the arteries in the arms. An upper extremity arterial or venous ultrasound gives doctors information about the arteries in the arms. Such as the blood flow through the veins and presence of plaque, a sticky substance that clings to the arterial wall that can cause narrowing within the arteries.

Preparing for the Test:

Venous Symptoms: Edema, pain- tenderness, ulcers

Arterial Symptoms: arm pain, skin or nail infections, skin color changes or ulceration, absent or diminished pulses, gangrene, numbness and positive Allen's test.

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